Is it possible to be allergic to poop?

Answers:     What quality? Your own or an animal?
Depends how much your eating
Actually, this is something my friend and I were discussing yesterday. :O
n't think so, if you're referring to your own, because poop is the useless bits of food that you eat. Meaning, if you be going to gave an allergic reaction, it would be to the food that you ate previously - meaning you're allergic to the food itself. You'd see the impulse before you pooped though.

If you mean animal feces, then yes you can be. But that's merely if you're allergic to the animal itself. Like, my good friend is severely allergic to cats, and everytime she comes over (we have 3 cats) she starts getting all.. sneezy, incentive my room's in the basement, next to the litterboxes. It's more adjectives to have severe reactions to urine versus feces.

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