Allergic repercussion to weed?

i had tried weed for the first time, and i only had a few puffs i didnt even win high, a few minutes later i turned really red and my face swelled up, and i get red spots on my body, and i got a blocked nose, my mates be like its an allergic reaction, i was really itchy adjectives over. but i woke up in the morning and felt 100 percent better, could this be an allergic reaction or a allergic reaction to something i may have drank or eaten earlyer in the morning??
Answers:    yeahh i agree ^ ^ ^
s are bad mann

the response you had was deffinetly to the weed. the only point i can say now is that you shouldnt have done the drugs within the first place and i think karma, or god, or whatever you believe in be trying to tell you NOT to do drugs! Source(s): common sense
I think you should commend your body for showing you what's a good idea and what's not. your body clearly understand what's bad for you, even if your mind doesn't. stay away from drugs. not like, that they're evil. they don't actually enjoy any sentience. the point is, they damage your body in ways you probably don't consider. so really, your body is just trying to protect you.

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