Allergic recoil to lipgloss? Lips red, itchy, puffy. Help?

My friend bought me a lip gloss kit from Sephora, and i've been surrounded by love with it ever since, but when i woke up this morning, my lips were dry, itchy, swollen and red.
is here anyway to make my lips go down to their run of the mill size and color?
I have my picture ID for school taken tomorrow, and i really dont want to look like this for my picture.
gratefulness for your help (:
Answers:    First of all, make sure adjectives the product is off your lips. Then, soak a wash cloth within ice water and lay it over your lips, it will get the swelling and redness go down. Use a plain, non flavored, non colored chapstick to moisturize them. That should help get hold of rid of the swelling too.
Make sure that ALL of the gloss is off of your lips. Use a case of frozen green beans or a bag of ice to stop the swellings. Use vaseline (is that spelled right?) as a lip gloss. That keep your lips moisturized without having any objectionable chemicals.

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