Allergic aversion near bumps (help, please!)?

um, ok, for the past few days, i'd say about since concluding thursday, i've been scratching my skin. whenever i did i noticed that i have like pimple-like bumps on them. i thought they were ordinary pimples on my skin. they be on my toes and my fingers.
next day, friday, i noticed i be scratching significantly and i noticed that i two of the pimple-like bumps like subsequent to each other so i assumed they were some type of spider bite that i got while i be asleep.

finally, on saturday (yesterday), i was scratching again and i finally told my dad about it but he dismissed it as something that i should put Lidex cream on. anyways, i'm wondering if anyone know what i have? it really bothers me!

last year i be affected by herpes zoster on my eye. could this be the same thing or is it something entirely different? please backing me, i'm really worried! thank you!! :)
Answers:    It could be bites -- an allergic reaction (try benadryl, if the itching stops, then thats what it is)... or simply clusters of mini skin warts (more adjectives then you think in adolescence) son have those and they lasted for months - ugh!! The itching stopped but the bumps stayed - like 4 months... evenutally went away themselves...

look also into chicken pox (even if you hold been vaccinated, or had them) you could own somehow been exposed and are having a small outbreak... especially if you had them once and the outbreak be minimal...
uld check with a doctor - rather is allergies, warts, chicken pox, etc - they can confer you something that helps... if your dad brushes it off, talk to your mom, or academy nurse!!

And don;t worry... everything you get now increases your imperviousness later... even allergies...

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