Allegie examine along beside sinus infection?

k this is like the 5 time i have asked this but i need some i dont devise im dying and pls answer as honest as possible and tell me if im nose wont stop draining.its clear mostly and sometimes yellow.i hold already had two sinus infections in the past 3 weeks and its still goin on .i still enjoy one and i live in a zoo with 4 cats and 2 dogs.and i have bleak allergies towards cats.i have a 3 month old baby and i live beside my gf.but i think it would be mean to just move constantly have sinus headaches and my nose is running/draining down my throat.i also have cold turkeyed that may be why i own such bad headaches.but idon'tt know guys whats should i do should i suffer and stay here or move out so my dam sinuses will stop im so aggravatedd everyday.its gettin ridiculousus.and i constantly have a feeling like crap when i here but when i go to work i feel alot better.and im on a sinus pill and antibiotics at the please make a contribution me some suggestions and answers.btw the house hold is a double wide trailer 6 people living in it 4 cats and 2 dogs.and i abhorrence not feeling like myself and they do not dust this house and the mother is a pack rat and they all debris to get rid of any of the animals including my gf and everytime i bring it up to my gf about getting rid of the animals.or me possibly moving out she gets pissed.
should do what is best for you and move out.
your girlfriend shouldnt break up with you for not wanting animals.
if she does.well shes get issues too.
im suffering right now too, im a hardcore hypcondriac and im going insane, i know how you feel.

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