18 weeks pregnant possible food allergy?

I have always had a problem near tomatoes but nothing really major itchy mouth, watery eyes, etc. Well, concluding night we had spaghetti and i got heartburn approaching usual because of the pregnancy but when I got up this morning and all through the day I enjoy had a tightness in my chest and trouble breathing. could it be a food allergy? I was planning on going to a the doctor tomorrow if it doesn't turn away but should I try something like benadryl tonight and see how it goes?
Answers:     I would go now. The symptoms could worsen at any moment, and right in a minute they wouldn't have to give you as much meds.But you may have other had the allergy, but it's just gotten to a bad point.
Honestly, I wouldn't wait at adjectives. I would go straight to the doctor because there are quite a few things that can be going on, any of which could be serious, such as:
ou could have developed a blood clot that traveled to your lungs. Blood clots are more common in pregnancy (more adjectives when you are farther along and have a bigger belly, but you never know) and they are not good news.
Bottom rank, even if it turns out to be nothing, I would go to the doctor very soon and win checked out. You have to be very careful beside your health in pregnancy...it's not something I would take likelihood with.
I would get checked out. Don't freak yourself out over blood clots but a moment ago go and get checked. I had an allergy to bactrim when I be pregnant (12 weeks) and I was fine after big doses of benedryl. Source(s): mother of two with allergies

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