A cross-question nearly hives?

I've been getting what I think are hives my arms and forearms for about a week, usually within the evenings and mornings. They're a bunch of really itchy and burning red dots that show up out of nowhere and change locations constantly. Thr first time I got them, they were so big that they merged together and looked approaching really bad poison ivy or coral poisoning.
been paying attention to what I'm ingestion when I get them, and I think they're from strawberries. However, they don't show up until several hours after I've had any strawberries, but straw berries are the lone food present every time. . They are usually just present at night and in the morning. Is it possible they're an allergic criticism to strawberries? If so, should I see a doctor?
Answers:    Many people are allergic to strawberries, so it wouldn't be that odd. Also, you can get a delayed allergic response, especially when hives and/or rashes are the symptoms. It isn't uncommon for for the hives to appear several hours after eating a food you are allergic to. To receive tested, you would want to see an allergist.

You can also just try cutting out strawberries for a couple of weeks. If you don't get any hives, next you have probably found the problem. Then, just don't eat them!
verbs to use benedryl as directed, keep a food diary, and see an allergist.

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