AHHHHHHH? please assistance me.?

My fingers are swollen, I have hives, strange pigment changes in my lower body. Possible cause:
been spending more time outside lately
* i drink snails -- i wasn't even going to include this because i've done it all my life and i eat them untouched so cooking oil doesn't contaminate them. But in a recent question i asked, society seemed to think that this diet could cause reaction. I know that sounds stupid (why should i be allergic to this food) but i wanted to air on the safe side and include it within the possibilities.
what do you think is causing this reaction? Why? thank you for your give a hand!
Answers:     IDK MABEY IDK BUT
ng snails raw is dangerous. You could also be allergic to strange an improved shampoo. Outside is okay if you use suntan lotion. Just be careful and don't spend all hours of daylight out in the sun. That can also cause skin cancer.

Snails have lice and aren't safe to eat raw. You enjoy to bake them.
i dont think its a food allergy's... but wow raw snails.. lol cool but exotic food.....food allergy's usually start the rash oh your stomach or d¨Ścolletage first the spread out... considering the symptoms are worst on your hands ...... the shampoo doesn't sound too likely since near is not much reaction on your face or neck.....but i do reflect its some thing out side... have you been gardening... useing pesticides .... around a different type of plant that you have handled.....or a chemical that you have never used previously for cleaning or for your plants.....my skin is very sensitive to chemicals.... has caused swollen and itching.... find what you enjoy never used before or touch before out side. ( with your hands) and brand a list of what is new.....good luck... until after take benadrell and use cortazone....

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