A cat scratched me! Now its red and swollen?

Okay so my cousins cat scratched me a week and 1 day ago. From what I know, they have never taken the cat to the vet before to draw from checked up. When the cat scratched me, my wrist didn't bleed too much so I thought it was fine and was stupid to not wash or put alcohol on the cut. Now its be a week and the cut/scratch seems to be getting worse? Its very red and swollen and itchy. Ever since the scratch ive be getting allergy like symptoms.. dry eyes and plugged/runny nose (but its not that bad). I put polysporin on it but it seemed to with the sole purpose made it worse. Help?! What should I do?
Answers:     There is an actual condition caused by cats called cat scrape fever. I think it's a blood infection but you should look it up to see the exact symptoms. If a red line spreads olden the initial scratch you should really see a dr right away
If its been over a week, and it is swollen and really itchy, it probably means that you have an infection. Even if the cut looked ok, microbes is invisible-next time put a disicfectant on it! If the cut is swollen beyond it's origionl size, is a bright red and unbearably itchy=infection. If you are getting red streaks that look like veins up from the swollen nouns is another sign of a bad infection-hopefully it hasn't advanced that far yet. Go see a doctor-it is not ok.
hold an infection. Not to gross you out, but before the cat scratched you, he may have been clawing ther litter box.

See your relations physician. You need a prescription.
i would try to make sure the cut stays as verbs as possible. if it doesn't seem to be infected (no pus coming out) just try as hard as you can for going on for a day to NOT itch it. if the swelling doe not go down.. It would be very much contained by your best intrest to go see a doctor
Call a doctor, you have Cat Scratch Fever.
sometimes the scratch lasts a while afterwards goes away. but there have be cases of something called cat scratch fever where on earth it can get so severe that you could go to hospital. i think the best entry to do is give it 3 days then go to the doctor.
It might be infected, I would suggest seeing a doctor.
Your probably infected, or that cat had something on it's nails and get in your body from the cut, and did something your body didn't like.
its pretty majority for them to get red and itchy and a little puffy.
t really really really does NOT get any better, enjoy a doctor check it out.
wash it with soap.
also, the fact that their cat have not been checked is troubling.
you may want to be sure to include that if you go to the doctor.
You will most possible die, my advice is to talk to your friends and family and brand name up for anything you did wrong so you can go to heaven
check it
I'd start by grabbing the cat and biting it, preferably in the tail.
Polysporin is a good first move, since it wasn't cleaned initially. What you have described sounds very much resembling an allergy, if the redness is contained to the scratch site itself. If you are in certainty allergic this could cause a massive release of histamines which could effect the site as well as sinuses and eyes.
ong as you are not having difficulty breathing, wheezing or swelling within your neck/face or throat (if this were me) I would next try an OTC antihistamine such as Benedryl pills (make you tired). If you need to stay alert and enjoy no known allergies to medications try Zyrtec 10mg (generic works the same and it call Cetrizine 10 mg). Zyrtec works 24 hours, and should alleviate all of the symptoms if allergies are the culprit. It is my first choice. Also, you can try a topical cream or spray of Benedryl if you are opposed to pills (these are also available in generic; ask you pharmacist for support finding it, it is usually less than half the price).

If you have a frenzy at all or additional swelling or red streaks on your affected arm you want to see a practitioner to be evaluated. Also, you can call your family physician to verify what I have suggested is not dangerous considering your medical history, since I am basing this on no significant medical problems. Most people will not need to see a physician over a cat score; although there are exceptions. If you get worse or have difficulty breathing, wheezing or swelling surrounded by your neck/face or throat you should go to the Emergency Room for evaluation; these are signs of impending anaphylaxis, an emergency. Peace of mind is invaluable. Source(s): Registered Nurse
Personal experience of family members near extensive allergies
you should procure it checked by a docter it could get worse
A very informative website, munificently stay a minute in website and check
go to the hospital
there are different diseases going around for animal bites/scratches. it may be serious. you need to go to a doctor as soon as possible because this is a serious issue. i hope you feel better soon :)
go get it checked
budge to a freakin doctor duhhh ..........

n the cut with alcohol, soap and river, then dress it by wrapping it up with gauze or band aids. I'd budge to the doctors first thing in the morning, because it may be infected. I doubt its some disease the cat had that transfered to you. It may be only some dirt and bacteria that got on the cat from it walking around that found its way within the cut when it scratched you.

Don't worry you're probably not going to die or get some horrible, flesh eating disease if you verbs the wound throughly and see a doctor. No need to worry :] Source(s): Same thing happen to my sister, only it was a duck that bit her.

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