4 year matured child next to fruit allergies?

My 4 year old son has recently developed allergies to fruits. It started near watermelon and now includes grapes, raspberries, cantelope, peas, etc... It seems that every few days he is allergic to another fruit. Has anyone else dealt next to this type of thing? Do kids sometimes outgrow these allergies? Any info would be appreciated.
Answers:     ask the allergist for a referral to a nutritionist. preserve his epi pen & liquid benedryl (always know the current dose for his weight) handy at all times, read labels, swot CPR, & empower him by teaching him about his allergy. seek out a parent resource group surrounded by your area or start one. see FAAN online. discuss medical questions with the allergist.
How do you know he is allergic? How do the allergies manifest? Does he eat seriously of processed food? Is his intestinal flora in balance, so that his food can be properly processed? Have you tried giving him some acidofilus to rebalance? How do you know it is not something else in his diet, not fruits?
im allergic to all melons except for watermelon. i cant have bananas and some other things that i cant remember at the time. sometimes u grow out of them but sometimes they are irremediable.
ref="http://www.childrensmemorial.org/depts/allergy/outgrow.aspx" rel="nofollow">http://www.childrensmemorial.org/depts/a…

that website is just to let u know its possible to outgrow allergies.
should out grow them

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