Allergic recoil? infection? WHAT!? please give a hand?

ok yesterday i had an itch on my right wrist, i didn't itch it once or twice maybe. this morning i woke up with my knuckles to my elbow swollen and itchy and massacre, it feels numb(very painful) when i don't move it then when i am moving it like prickley (like its asleep). i go to the school nurse today but she didn't help at all she give me some allergy medication and put a cold pack on it, sooo what could this be and what can i do about it? thanks =) also i haven't done or eaten anything out of the commonplace and i don't have any know allergies
Answers:     See a doctor ASAP! No one can tell you what it is without man one.
Take some allergy medication, wash it with lukewarm water and soap, and try the icepack close to the school nurse gave you. If that doesn't work, then it would probably be dutiful to see your doctor. Think about things you did differently, ate anything whacky, or maybe it was a bug or something approaching that.
What about laundry detergent? Have you changed products recently? That can affect some society.

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