Allergic response hand blazing relief?

I get this every once in a while, in-between my fingers starts burning and the fingers themselves swell. It moves to the palms and right very soon they feel like they're on fire.
eem impossible to isolate every single thing in my apartment and test it on my hand but what could be some causes? I'm thinking it's coming from the kitchen. Also, how do I stop this itching?

Answers:     i have a nut allegie and if i get through nuts my fingers and lips swell up and start iching. i also get very breathless. i assume u should talk 2 ur GP :)
About Allergic reaction can be read in
Have you talked to a doctor about it? If you own and he does not have an explanation then my guess would be that whatever you be using before (before meaning a few hours) might be the cause.
not own a source because it is a guess.

Ithching- I also have problems with itchimg. What I do is I do somethig that would keep my hand ocuupied, but not something you would get absorbed into and not relize you were itching

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