Allergic hostile response to Codeine, comfort.?

I have had an allergic reaction to codeine. My in one piece body is broke out in a red rash and I'm itchy. I have taken benydrol but it's out of order. What should I do?
Answers:    If you are red and itchy everywhere, get yourself to the emergency room.

ve a PhD for immunology and am an ND so let me advice you cos I own lots of allergies hence the study,

First the rash and symptoms will disappear but you must not take anything for it unless prescribed.

You must not do nought it may be life threatening.

next you must be sure never to have codeine again and also own morphine checked as this is the similar family.
Take yourself off to the casualty unit by any cross as I do not know the country you are in. tell them what you have taken and preferably steal with you any remaining pills so they can check it out.

Do let me know how you get on and I will oblige you more.
can email me

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