2 allergy nouns tablets contained by going on for 2 minutes!?

I was speaking to my sister and i was taking an allergy tablet (one a day ones) and because i wasnt concentrating i took one after another one like a few minutes apart! will i get any side effects?? (not prescribed tablets though)
Answers:     I'm no doctor or pharmacist but in my opinion I reflect you'll be fine.
If it's over-the-counter Benadryl, and 25mg each, you should own no problem.

Small doses, but you might feel a bit sleepy.
probably not. just don't purloin any more.
No, it won't harm you at all.
agine you'll be conversation about tablets in which the active ingredient is any Cetirizine or Loratidine (correct me if I'm wrong).

The short answer is that you'll be fine. I looked up the toxicity information on Toxbase, which is the poisons database that the UK poisons control uses and it told me that 6 year old children have taken 30 of these tablets and only experienced a slightly high-ranking blood pressure, so 2 won't do you any harm!

i find cold pills get me wired...zing...zing....and dry me out... they actually get my oral cavity so dry they crack......overdose makes my head hurt.... it will not kill you but u may grain wierd

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