Allergic sensitivity to multivitamin?

I have been taking these multivitamins since monday. Later my stomach started hurting and I kept shaking for some reason. In the morning my pee be lime green ((ew)). My stomach has been hurting all week. Also on Tuesday I get this rash on my hands and wrists and today it got worse and my hand got sore. Do you think I should see a doctor? I have simply taken 5 doses and I stopped today.

Thanks for your help!
Answers:    I have had like problem with Multi-vitamins in the past,you could awfully well be allergic to anything,including an additive in the formula,Twinlab make a multiple vitamin for people with allergies.Please discontinue use if u have a repercussion.
quit taking them & eat a balanced diet instead. take benedryl for a few days, increase your probiotics, and follow up near your doctor.

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