What is NovoDalin B17?

and how does it effect your body/ cancer. Someone asked if I had looked into it, but I've never even heard of it.
Answers:     Novodalin is a brand name.
laetrile etc is a substance derived from apricot kernals.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that it cures cancer.

It metabolises to arcsenic, a know deadly poison.

Think long and hard if you want to introduce this into your body and do not mix it with conventional treatment in need Dr's advice.

ink you need a more balanced answer to this. The hysteria evinced by the responses you've have is just not justifiable.
Firstly - let's deal beside "quackwatch". The creator and head of quackwatch, a Stephen Barrett is a well known stooge of the US AMA is powerfully opposed to any form of medical treatment that is not allopathic - ie symptomatic treatment by externally administered drugs. Stephen Barret has be sued for defamation on numerous occasions with various convictions by the courts. This defender of the truth portrays himself as a psychiatrist but seems he failed his qualify exams.
Secondly - the hysteria over cyanide in laetrile/B17 and alleged poisoning: There just also happens to be cyanide within the structure of Vitamin B12 - but no one goes ga ga over this. In fact you can find Vitamin B12 on public sale in just about any pharmacy. It never cease to amaze me how highly qualified people continually rant on about cyanide poisoning from apricot kernel and Laetrile when I doubt whether there is one recorded case of a departure from apricot induced cyanide poisoning. The same cannot be said for allopathic chemotherapy which boasts hundreds of dead and maimed.
Thirdly: it has be proven to have no effect on cancer: This is also doubtful. Two senior members of Sloane Kettering laboratories - about as top of the pile of cancer research institutions you can bring back were fired for publicly disagreeing with the "official" results of Laetrile research. Other "studies" have be found to be defective in that too small amounts of Laetrile were administered. The fact is that properly controlled studies contained by humans is lacking because it is simply unethical to give cancer sufferers a placebo. There are numerous studies of the positive effects of laetrile on tumours surrounded by animals. The claim that Laetrile B17 is expensive is just plain rubbish. There is just no comparison between the cost of Apricot kernels/Vitamin B17 extract and the cost of allo[athic medicine.
or "cyanide poisoning" - both of us are sentiment more healthy and alert which is hardly evidence of poisoning.
6 months ago I would have agreed next to the knockers - experience teaches a lot.

David B
see - this is a real drug

Not only is in attendance not a scrap of evidence that B17/laetrile is effective against cancer, it is also dangerous as it contains cyanide.

It's if truth be told one of the few 'alternative' cancer remedies that has been tested in clinical trials - and found to be completely ineffective against cancer.
y everywhere there is cancer there is an unscrupulous charlatan eager to engineer money from the desperation of people at their most vulnerable. Laetrile, apricot pits, B17 - whatever you want to telephone it, it is a scam.

Read this article for excellent information:

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