Bump on areola/Itchy nipple/puss coming out of bump?

A couple months ago when I was in the shower I noticed a bump on my areola right above my right nipple and when i touched it, white puss come out, and when I kept squeezing it, blood came out. After that, my nipple/areola didn't bother me at all. Then, about a month ago, my right nipple started itching adjectives the time and yesterday I noticed that there is another small bump (a little big smaller than a nipple) under my right nipple and it's sensitive to the touch...what does this anticipate? It's only on my right nipple/areola too so I don't know... I'm 16 female by the way.
Answers:     Well first, stop worrying about breast cancer. Breast cancer lumps are within the breast, not bumps on the skin - this sounds more like a zit, or an insect bite.
may enjoy read that discharge is a possible symptom of breast cancer - such discharge would be fro the nipple itself, not from a bump.

And the chances of breast cancer at your age are almost zero. Breast cancer is almost unheard of in underneath 25s, and fewer than 0.1% of those diagnosed are under 30. Only 5% are under 40 and 80% are over 50.

The American Cancer Society and other cancer organisations recommend that women start breast self examination at the age of 20. Before that it's pointless; firstly because there are so many hormonal change that there is no 'normal' - and self examination is about a woman knowing what's middle-of-the-road for her and reporting any changes. And secondly because the chance of breast cancer is almost nil.

If the bump is still there contained by a week or so (I bet it won't be) see your doctor for reassurance
I know you are probably scared to go to the Doctor -but you are old ample to be brave and make an appointment - pronto! There is a very, very tiny coincidence that this might be a type of cancer, and the longer you leave it the more problems it will cause. Not least of which is you worrying!
on lift up up the phone and get dialling! Self-diagnosis is a mugs game in this situatuation.

Verite R
Just a guess but if you enjoy any hair around that area it could be an ingrown hair which could enjoy gotten infected
That's not middle-of-the-road..quit trying to diagnose yourself over the internet.
Go see a doctor!!
It could be an ingrown tresses that got infected. This may happen if you shave or pluck around your nipples. I wouldn't chance it though. If you are concerned, see the doctor!
you will need to get a biopsy. my mom got that interview done. it was a breast duct papilloma. go and read about it in a minute.

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