Can hpv explanation thyroid cancer?

Wife has hpv. She had leep and heas been symptom free for roughly speaking 5 months now. She has had other symptoms for a while very soon.. had an X ray and they found a tumor on her thyroid.... Could it be related to hpv?
Answers:    no hpv is only linked to cervical cancer.
HPV is not the cause of any cancer, it is a risk factor and it is not limited to cervical cancer. HPV have been associated with skin cancers, leader and neck cancers, anal/rectal cancers and penile cancer. Although I cannot recall a thyroid coming back HPV positive I cannot say it is not viable. Thyroid cancers are usually hormone stimulated. Source(s): I am a cancer registrar.
HPV causes cervical cancer, and some other types of cancer such as oral, anal, vulvar, vaginal, and penile. And some associates think it might be related to prostate cancer.
has never be linked in any way to thyroid cancer. I guess somebody could publish some modern study on it, but I seriously doubt it. They are not linked.

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