Why does the arm swell, or become edematous, after a radial mastectomy?

Answers:    Yes !! and you can also have numbness down to your
arm on the side you had your mastectomy due to
lymph nodes being gone. if need be use your leg. if you
have a bilateral ok. The swelling should go down if it does
not go down with rime than see the doctor to make sure
name for that is lymphedema. Usually several lymph nodes are removed to check for the spread of cancer. The lymph nodes play an important subdivision in removing excess fluids, and in the immune system. So when some of them are removed from the area of the arm pit, the drainage can be come compromised. Fluid builds up cause swelling. Treatment can range from pressure garment to massage to surgery. Source(s): http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/s…
It doesn't necessarily; a minority of people who have a mastectomy experience this - my surgeon told me it's 10%.

To put it simply, lymphatic fluid will rush in to serve the arm if it perceives it to be under attack and then may have difficulty getting out because some or adjectives underarm lymph nodes have been removed. If this happens the arm will swell; this is call lymphoedema and is irreversible, although it can be controlled.

These precautions are for enthusiasm; I developed lymphoedema over two years after mastectomy and node clearance.

I have a permanently swollen arm, but it's manageable and I from time to time wear my sleeve. Very occasionally it is uncomfortable, but it isn't painful
and as to the spelling, - in the US - lymphedema; surrounded by the UK - lymphoedema
Because the DR removes profoundly of lymph's nodes. They cut under your arm and you wil be numb for a long time. I had a bi-lateral mastectomy in Nov of 08. Under my arms is still numb as the breast nouns. I can always tell when the nerves are repairing themselves because if feels approaching a jolt of electricity and it makes me jump every time

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