Does chemotherapy and radiation really work?

Is this treatment a cure, or just delaying the inevitable?
Answers:     Chemo and radiation are killing the cancerous cells in you body. If your cancer is found precipitate then chemo and radiation have a high opening of killing all the cancerous cells that are artificial. Granted it is not always a 100% guaranteed to work it is very strongly recommended and works.
These treatments are hardly a cure, nor are they a suspension. Chemotherapy and radiation do kill cancer cells, but they also kill you!! They are a scam by the medical industry, and they are as credible to kill you as the cancer itself.

of them save plentiful lives and prolong many, many more. But they're not guarantees.

I think that sooner or later people will look back on them with one and the same horror we look back on bloodletting. But for now they are what we have, and we know - because they enjoy been tested in double blind clinical trials - that they sometimes cure people and massively often prolong people's lives.

I was diagnosed with stage 3 position 3 cancer; I had surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In December it will be 6 years since my diagnosis and I am fit and well, with no evidence of cancer at my most recent (and second!) routine check-up.
I hold lived 4 and a half years longer with them than I would have in need. And yeah, treatment was miserable, but I am in remission and even if its only for a touch while, I appreciate the healthy time they have given me.
These treatments definitely can work. You can't "cure" cancer, but it can be in motion into remission after these treatments and never come back. If you are weighing the pros and cons of treatment, just remember that if you don't try, you are giving up.
So far it have worked for me. I had both treatments after having half of a lung removed along next to the tumor. The followup chemo and radiation (not at same time) were done to "clean up" any nasties that may have linger on. Remember though that there are many forms of cancer and many combinations of medicine that make up a chemo treatment. The same with radiation. No two cases are alike.
It depends on what cancer it is and what stage it's at. If it's stage 4, then it's incurable and in recent times delaying the inevitable. Source(s): My grandmother has stage 4.
People ask this type of question when they own no understanding of what cancer is and how to treat it. Cancer is an umbrella term for over 200 different types of disease and just as several subtypes. Cancer is further complicated by being a PROGRESSIVE disease, which means it starts out very small . . microscopic if truth be told . . and begins to grow. Cancer refers to a normal cell that for unknown reasons loses the capacity to stop growing. Most normal cells in the human body replenish themselves constantly and automatically know when to stop growing . . a cancer cell loses that qualifications and will grow indefinitely unless treatment stops it.
use cancer is a progressive disease doctors have 'categorized' or 'staged' all cancers according to how far along they own 'grown'. Which means when the cancer cells are small they are more easily treated than when they become big and spread adjectives around. So, doctors look at the type of cancer a patient has, the stage the disease is in, and the 'level of the tumor (how misshapen it has become from normal). A doctor factors all this surrounded by for treatment . . there is a protocol that all oncologists follow for the common cancer . . the cocktail or recipe they follow will depend on the cancer type, location, grade, stage, patient age, and the overall health of forgiving. See . . it is far more complicated than you ever imagined.

Each type of cancer and the stage the cancer is in requires a DIFFERENT protocol . . so a stage 1, small tumor might not even need chemotherapy or radiation . . a doctor may just remove the tumor and that is to say all that is needed. If the cancer has progressed or is aggressive than the doctor may use chemotherapy to shrink the tumor and than then use surgery to remove anything left over . . he may elect to use radiation to kill off microscopic or unseen cancer cell.

Your give somebody the third degree really cannot be answered . . because in many cases chemotherapy 'works' as it is intended . . to control the growth of the cancer . . not necessarily to 'cure' . . and radiation is used in conjunction beside the chemo to kill off microscopic disease or to shrink tumors . . and you can visually see the shrinkage on CT or PET. So . . yes, in those cases chemotherapy and radiation are working. And sometimes the chemo is lone used to shrink tumors so that a surgeon can go in and remove a smaller amount of cancer. Again . . it is working.

Chemo and radiation are only treatment option . . used with other treatments in hopes of controlling or eradicating the cancer. They are not 'cures' . . although if the patient go into indefinite remission . . that's close enough.
yes . . chemo and radiation work as they are intended to . . as treatments for various types of cancer at different grades and stages. The treatment prolongs life and give a patient a chance to survive.

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