What is the hypodense lesion contained by brain?

Answers:    Hypodense = less bright on CT
ly talking about how the figurine looks. On CT (Computed Tomography, a type of X-ray machine), we talk about things being hyperdense (brighter than normal) or hypodense (less bright than normal).


Without mass effect.

"Mass effect" means pushing against something. If within was a solid tumor in the brain, it would push against things, and move them around. This is called mass effect. Source(s): GOD BLESS
Mohammad - Marhaba! On an x-ray or CAT or MRI scan of the brain, average brain tissue is dense and appears white. A "hypodense" lesion means a loss or absence of brain tissue. It may be due to a cyst, or it may be an area of the brain where on earth there was a previous "stroke" and some of the previous dense brain tissue has dwindle dense as a result of some brain tissue having melted away and been replaced by a hypodense, cystic nouns.

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