Does drinking soy milk increase breast size?

I'm 19 years old and have very small breast. i don't feel they've grown at all since I was like 13 or 14 years old-fashioned. I have such a hard time finding bras to fit and clothing like dresses and bathing suits look so odd on me. I look like a 19 year old with a 13 year olds body. I hold heard that drinking a lot of soy milk makes your breast grow. Is that true? If so how much do you hold to drink?
Answers:    It doesn't, no.
proteins contain isoflavones that can mimic a weak oestrogen effect. It's not the same as the oestrogen your own body makes though - it is 1,000 times weaker than your own body's oestrogen, and will not effect your oestrogen level, and will not lead to breast growth.

Nor, since it's been mentioned, is there any evidence to relation soya to cancer; again it is the weak oestrogen effect that leads to people have this concern, especially about oestrogen dependent breat cancer,

There is current research into whether increasing phyto oestrogens contained by the diet helps to prevent breast or prostate cancer, and a study in 2002 found that women with the superlative levels of soya products in their diets had the lowest breast density - superior breast density being associated with higher breast cancer risk.

Women near the highest levels of isoflavones in their diet are reported to hold significant risk reductions for uterine cancer.
Be VERY cautious in using this method to increase your breast size. Soy contains powerful phytoestrogens which are as potent as the estrogens you are already producing within your body... When soy first started out as the Healthy drink alternative to Milk, I began giving it to my kids to drink...My 11 year old daughter started spotting and yes her breasts did start to get bigger. It is relatively possible that I induced her puberty too early. Now she is 13 and has a D cup. The other side effects of this are not yet perceptible I am sure. Some cancers are estrogen dependant. However, It is your own body and no one can tell you what to do. I would consult your doctor or better however a Naturopath for more advice. Source(s):

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