Why am I still so tired after cancer?

I was diagnosed just over two years ago with breast cancer. I have an operation to remove the cancer and then had chemotherapy and radio. My veins collapsed so have to have an hickman line put in, which afterwards got infected and I spent quite a lot of time surrounded by hospital as my white blood count wouldn't go back up after the chemo and I was neotrapeanic.
The piece is, its just over 18 months since I have finished my treatment although I had another operation 5 weeks ago to replace slip, but I still feel really tired. I try not to let on to people around me but sometimes I merely feel that I am so tired and weak I could lie down for a week and not perceive any better.
Is this normal after 18 months or should I go back to my doctor? Please sustain as I can't talk to anyone close to me as they would then realise what a whimp I am.
Answers:     Oh honey, you can't just spring back after this species of stuff. It doesn't work that way. You are going to run yourself into the ground if you don't rest. Stop being so hard on yourself and don't tolerate others in your life be so hard on you.
I think your the opposite to a 'wimp' after everything you've be through! you sounds so brave! i dont think its atall un normal for you to feel tierd and run down after your experiance, i devise you should treat your self to something really special like a fab holiday you've always dreamt of! *People like you really inspire me because you basically bite the bullet and get on with life even within really difficult situations but you need to remeber its ok to admit how your feeling, your vastly brave in my eyes!

ould be normal to be tired after all that treatment especially chemo even 18 months later. Good God - you are no wimp real opposite - you are to be admired in this situation. People dont know how you feel you hold to tell them - come on be braver still and be honest with them. Stop pretending you feel Ok when you touch like s**t!
I had radiation after mast. for breast cancer and it be worse than the op. For weeks I felt so tired that even sleep and rest didnt make it better - just totally drained of adjectives energy. I can't imagine what chemo is like - much worse! from what I own heard. - you have been through the mill no wonder you are tired.
This other op have taken it out of you yet again - your body needs time to recover from another assualt on it - be sort to yourself and rest more - you simply have to do this or you will feel bad for longer. See the doctor and put your mind at rest Good Luck xx Source(s): Breast cancer survivor (I hope!!)
how sick are you hoping to get until you resort to something that works?
some B-vitamins like nutritional yeast. You need some NADH.

Try seeing a naturopathic doctor so she can serve you cleanse your body from the poison they gave you. Serious chronic fatigue makes you wish you be dead. And you need to kick anyone's *** who tell you you are a whimp because you happen to be sick.
Sadly, fatigue is something glossed over by many medics, but it happens. You should hope advice about handling this, and if you go to www.after-cancer.com in attendance are more ideas that might help.

Verite R
That is probably a better give somebody the third degree for your doctor. You shouldnt feel tired all the time if everything is fine but that doesn't mean its something really doomed to failure either. Source(s): www.thecureforcanceraustralia.com
I had breast cancer in 2005 and spent time in hospital beside infections, had chemo and radio. I still get tired at times, chemo took a lot out of me. I am going to bring together a gym to try to get strength back into my body. I feel like as you that people will think I am a wimp so I tell them I be aware of good. I just think it is the effects of treatment that make you feel tired, but mention it to your GP the next time you visit of late to be on the safe side.
s why!

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Firstly, you are no wimp!
I have been through alike and there are still to many days when I get up that I want to turn back and sleep!!
Be kind to yourself (so my friends keep telling me), try benevolently exercise and tho the thought of this is daunting in the long term it helps.

I am 18 months out of chemo etc.. and some times I could merely cry I feel so tired..... what makes it hard is that nation see us looking 'normal' now with our hair support and stuff and just dont understand.
You have some good answers here, but I close to "Michael D's" simple answer.
Other possibilities for chronic fatigue include hypothyroidism, anemia, depression, or a host of other common problems which could be unrelated to the breast cancer or the surgery + chemo + radiation analysis. That is why you go to your primary care doctor and not your oncologist first. Best of luck.

Another thought looking back at your request for information. You are only 5 weeks out from surgery. Anemia is possible from blood loss. You may be iron deficient. Having surgery 5 weeks ago is far more likely to be relatebeside yourselfiredness than oncology treatment 18 months ago. Source(s): MD medical oncologist - cancer specialist physician.
n't know too much about this stuff, but i would say that the treatments and surgeries (especially the recent one), ineffectual your body and your tired because your body is working to try and get back to where it be.
my advice is rest, exercise, eat right and try to stay as healthy as possible, vitamins would probably lend a hand strengthen your body and immune system to.
Firstly, you're not a whimp. You're a cancer survivor. Doesn't get much more un-whimpy than that. You should be really proud of yourself, in reality. =)

I would walk to your doctor and tell him the details of your exhaustion. I know that many individuals who have battled with cancer regularly spend years afterwards feeling physically weak and perpetually tired, so what you're experiencing isn't abnormal. Nonetheless, it would be obedient to go speak with your physician about it, basically in case.

Also, it's not everyone's thing, but most key cities have some sort of cancer support group, and survivors would be welcome. Attending one would give you the opportunity to speak next to people who understand what you went through and won't mediate you.

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