9 folks from 1 company enjoy cancer how can i find out if they are atop a toxic dump?

a company i use to work for has 9 people with cancer newly added 3 more to the list today. I hear when the building was built for this company they put a lot of cement over some fruitless toxic stuff chemicals etc. (not sure really) but is there a way i can check and see with out digging.
ow that i'm adjectives freaked out i'm getting my self checked out but what can i do? I 'm still friends with peopel who still work there. and if there are over an dump for toxic stuff how can i find out and what can someone do?
Answers:    Contact the appropriate authorities and they will investigate this as a Cancer Cluster:


How to contact: Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
Talk to a Lawyer... If there is evidence that there was fluency of possible dangers then those people and most anyone exposed and suffering condition issues is in for a lot of compensation.

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