Can my lungs make well after i stop smoking?

him im 19 year old guy i usto smoke on my early year of Junior High but back next i did not smoke that often not un till i reach my junior year in illustrious school, i started smoking 3 cigs every other day in a week later my senior year i started smoking 3 to 4 100 cigarrets (100 is the size of the cig) every other 2 to 3 days now that i got out of school and im surrounded by college now i started smoking more frequent, then i told my self i need to love my self more, bring in shape and look better so i stop cold turkey way, and i started biting the inside of my lip leaving a big integral.. then later it heal.
ross-examine is would my lungs heal? after all i done and how long would it be?

would hookah do anything to my lungs?
Answers:     7 years and they are basically normal again

, my Aunt almost died of smoking before, She had like a 30% break of living. She made it out of the hospital though and I'm pretty sure her lungs are fine, I haven't seen her in a while but yeah she can breath and stuff.
Twelve hours after your last cigarette, the carbon monoxide (that’s car exhaust) is out of your lungs;
After seventy-two hours, your lung’s capacity for breathing starts to increase;
After one to three months, the cilia (hair-like cleaning system) originate to recover and remove all that gunky mucous in your lungs, reducing the arbitrariness of infection (even if you never cough stuff up);
After a year, your risk of lung cancer is reduced.
inutes after your last cigarette:

Blood pressure decreases
Temperature of hands and foot increases to normal (because of improved blood circulation)
The carbon monoxide level (that's motor exhaust and it's in cigarette smoke!) in your blood drops to normal
24 Hours after quitting:

eks to 3 Months after quitting:

Blood circulation improves
Lung function (how well the lungs are working) increases up to 30%
Coughing, congestion, fatigue, shortness of breath decrease
The cilia (small hair that line the airways) go back to working in general, meaning that your lungs get cleaner and function better overall
1 Year after quitting:
ss risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a smoker's
5 Years after quitting:

Risk of stroke is reduced to the risk of a nonsmoker (between 5 and 15 years after quitting)
The lung cancer destruction rate is about half the rate of a smoker who has not quit
The risk of oral and throat cancer, bladder, kidney, and pancreatic cancer decrease
15 Years after quitting:
risk of coronary heart disease is equal to a nonsmoker's risk.

It's a myth that hookah smoking is safer than smoking cigarettes. The tobacco is no less toxic. Hookah smokers actually inhale more tobacco smoke than do cigarette smokers because of the massive volume of smoke they inhale. Source(s):…
Any type of smoking is bad for you including hookah. Tobacco is tobacco and it's bad for you to inhale. If you really quit adjectives forms of smoking your lungs can heal. Good Luck!
yes i learned within school that in about 4 years the cell in your lungs will regenerate enough to bring your lungs back comparably to that of a non smoker. uhm yes, "hookah" will mar your lungs too of course
Hookah is the same stuff. I talk to a doctor about this, and it has the exact same effect.
fully, in the in the neighbourhood future they can bio engineer lungs for you! I know I enjoy a apt smoke once a week or once a month.
My suggestion, is just stop. Its a nasty habit, smells grows, yellows your teeth. Even near hookah, you come out reaking! Source(s): Me, my brother (the doctor).
I smoked a pack and a half a hours of daylight for 15 years. I quit smoking cold turkey over 5 months ago. Within the first month I could breath easier. My lung capacity has changed immensely. As the first poster replied your lungs do start to heal. Google quit smoking and read almost how your health greatly improves when you stop. One website shows a timeline of the expected improvements.

One of the reasons I quit cold turkey be because I didn't want to become dependent on the patch or nicotine gum. Why quit a habit if I have to start another habit to stay away from my innovative habit. If that makes any sense. Smoking anything is bad for you so I doubt hookah is accurate for you.

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