Developed a prickly, dry cough after chemotherapy?

My mum has just recovered from bowl cancer. She had 6 chemo sessions and finished a month ago. The dry cough started almost three months (at least) ago and causes her to cough randomly (sometimes it wakes her up at night).
will cough a couple of times to take rid of the tickle/prickle (which is always on one side and the same side of her throat), and then cough again. and wait. and again. and again. with every throat clearing it gets more violent and sometimes she gag. But once she gags its better! its so weird.

She says its approaching an itch in her throat. If she can hold of coughing then it usually goes, but as soon as she starts she usually have to reach a retching state until it stops.

Answers:    Chemo does strange things to people.

Does she pilfer high blood pressure medicine or heart medicine? Some of them (ACE inhibitors) pass you a dry, non-productive cough like you are describing.

She should talk to the doctor about this. There is probably prescription they can give her to help with this.
sounds similar to something i enjoy had in the past (minus the chemo). I would try some drosera rotundifolia pills, they are adjectives natural herbal pills that you can suck on and you can find them in health stores or online, they hold helped me with the dry itchy throat cough. Source(s):…

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