My blood sugar relsut be 137 is that ok?

will i been getting really dizzy when i get hungry and last time this appear to me i almost fainted so i have to see if that is ok aspa.
Answers:     That's too big. Normal should be under 100 but optimally 50 - 80.
Don't listen to Kathleen. 50 is LOW and not a typical number unless you are Hypoglycemic. if I get that low I can't function and almost pass out.
e isn’t an correct way to answer that put somebody through the mill without more information. It really depends on the circumstances for when that reading was taken. Normally healthy blood sugars roughly run between 70-120 (give or take. but ideally right around 100), but fasting levels run somewhat lower like 70-100. Although after a meal your sugar levels will rise and can achieve up to 150, then after about 1 1/2 to 2 hours the sugar levels will even out to the more regular range. In other words a more accurate reading would be about 2 hours after a meal, or 12 hours of fast.
So if you had eaten prior to taking that test, later 137 is just fine. But if this was taken after fasting for 10-12 hours or 2 or more hours after a banquet then it is high. Not tremendously high but greater than normal.
Besides one random reading isn’t enough to diagnose anything. If this be taken by a home glucometer kit, the reading can be off slightly because the results are not always 100% accurate and can swing slightly. The most accurate way to take a blood glucose reading is in the plasma by an A1c and Blood Glucose Fasting experiment.

should talk with your Doc
OMG 50 i would own done been passed out

fasting that is too glorious no higher than 90
2 hr after meal 80-120 is normal

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