How to lower A1C surrounded by a month?

I have an endocrinology appointment in a month or less. I checked my A1C on the home checker. It be a 10.3. I was wondering how would I lower it to at least a 9 or 8 that quickly. Or how do i flush sugar out of my system within less than or to a month.
Answers:     Besides the low carb consumption others mentioned another thing that will artificially lower your A1c is to give blood 14-18 days before the trial. That will remove some of the older red blood cells and your body will have replaced them beside fresh ones. This will only work if your BG levels are tightly controlled.
I think you're a little confused going on for how an A1c works. An A1c measures your glycated cells (sugar molecules). These cells last, on average, three months. That's why doctors consider an A1c representative of your blood sugar average over yesteryear three months. Some people lose these cells faster than others, and thus can improve their A1cs dramatically surrounded by a short period of time. Fortunately for you, regardless of whether you shed fast or slow, the last two months, and even the second month, count for about 50% of your A1c. That means you can impact your A1c significantly in merely one month. I know some diabetics who have been able to drop three percentage points contained by a single month.
e are no fool-proof ways to do this. Diet is the most effective tool. How many carbohydrates per day do you consume? Going massively low carbohydrate, <50 grams per day, will help. Exercise usually lowers blood sugar in those beside insulin resistance. Are you Type 2? Many diabetics swear by a glass of red wine in the evening. Alcohol prevents your liver from releasing glucose, which it's apt to do in the AM to prepare for the sunshine. They find that a glass of wine with dinner results in lower morning numbers. Some even claim that a shot chalice of apple cider vinegar once a day improves their numbers. These are all 'tricks' you can try. More importantly, theory test your blood sugar in the morning and after every meal. If you see high numbers, integer out what you did wrong and don't repeat that behavior. When you see great numbers, figure out what you did right and repeat. Adjust your diet and exercise plan based on what your meter tells you.

Good luck.
you can check out Gabriel Cousens' Raw vegan for 30 days to Cure diabetes...

I have gone down from getting readings approaching 365 to getting a high reading of 166 on the second day of the diet. My fasting BG for the recent past few days has been in the low 120's (except for sooner or later where it was 97).

This does far more than just order diabetes...Before I couldn't have an orange without shooting up to 220. Now I can hold 3 oranges and im at 102!
s kind of skeptical before doing it. It's patently worth a try...

(I'm doing no soy and no wheat along with the Raw vegan thing. It turns out Dr. Cousens recommend that too.) Source(s): If you are that interested, look it up yourself. He has a book he published called "there is a cure for diabetes." and he explains curing both type one and type two. There is also a DVD that he made in the order of 6 diabetics (type one and type two) that he cured in 30 days.
check your blood sugar often and try to get it down as much as possible
[take correction shots, or bolus if you are on a pump and drink marine!]
try to eat as low carb as possible
because if you dont eat a lot of carbs
nearby wont be much fluctuation in your blood sugar

please DO try to lower that a1c
you really dont want any complications
First you hold to ask yourself if you're just wanting to lower your A1C because you're afraid or ashamed of your doc seeing it that high. I've been in attendance in my early days, so I know.

n a low carb diet. Carbs are actually long chains of sugar allied end to end.

There is a site that talks more or less the value of this diet and has great recipes as ably.

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