Can iron pills affect a blood sugar reading?

I was recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes, as capably as anemia. I have been put on iron pills to help beside the anemia however am finding that in the mornings, when I do my after breakfast test my blood sugar is high (160-178 contained by cases). Now when I first wake up my fasting results are around 97 or 98 which are normal. I merely seem to spike after breakfast which is the time I take the iron pill. Just wondering if anyone else has have the same situation and the same problem. I am going to talk to my dietitian, but she is not surrounded by her office until Monday. Thank you in advance.
Answers:     If your iron tablets contain sugar in any of it's many forms then yes it I don`t know possible for it to be the reason of your blood sugar spike but I would suggest you talk to your dietitian or doctor before you breed any changes Source(s): Retired nurse/diabetic
unless the iron tablets have glucose in them, they wouldn't enjoy an effect on your blood glucose levels.
he results are confirmed surrounded by further studies, simple blood tests might some day help doctors determine which patients will develop diabetes.

High level might also indicate, for example, which women should avoid iron supplements, said co-author Dr. JoAnn Manson, chief of preventive medicine at Harvard's Brigham and Women's Hospital.… Source(s): GOD BLESS
Sweetheart ... and I offer that as a general residence of endearment. It is NOT intended to be offensive, condescending, or sexist, though, I must admit, I have but to use that term to an adult male ... apart from my grown up sons ... you don't utter how soon after eating you're testing your blood sugar level.
your auxiliary details, you've indicated that you eat wheat toast and drink a cup of whole milk. Both of these contain carbohydrate, which is what's pushing your blood sugar level up. (The egg and bacon are carbohydrate free.)

Are you reception treatment ... pills or insulin ... for your gestational diabetes?

Now that you know you're at risk you should create sure you do your best to avoid it. This would include eating a healthy diet, exercising, and losing as much abdominal fat as you may be carrying.

Sadly, some women who do develop gestational diabetes do not 'lose' it again after the pregnancy. It seem that it 'kicks into action' the diabetes that's been lying dormant for however long.
hope that your pregnancy continues well and that you fully restore your health once your baby is born.

May you be blessed with a happy, good future.

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