*VERY* strict diet for Gestational Diabetes..middle-of-the-road?

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes last week. I've since met near my nutritionist, and what I was told *NOT* to eat floored me:
airy (any kind..especially milk)
NO fruit
NO fruit juices/vegetable juice
NO sugary drinks (soda)
ore than 75g of carbs per day

I feel like I'm adjectives...feel terribly deprived...and have remarkably little energy. Does this mean that my nutritionist is wrong in the diet plan that she's given me, and that I have need of to consult a new nutritionist...or am I just overreacting?

I am 26 weeks along, and failed my 1 hour non-fasting check with a 160..and also failed my 3 hour fasting (never be told the numbers, just that I had failed and in a minute had G.D.)
Answers:     Dear god, how is your poor baby suppose to get the nutrient it needs? I've get GD too(I'm 32 weeks). They said nothing to me about diet, they just go ahead and put me on Glyburide. I would talk to your OB about this crazy diet and see what they have to right to be heard about it....
If you are feeling like your current nutritionist is not listening to your concerns, consequently you should seek a second opinion; however keep surrounded by mind that just because you wish that something were different does not label it so.
ything does turn to glucose in the end. This is because glucose is one of the three main sugars, or monosaccharides. Also included are galactose (milk sugar) and fructose(fruit sugar)- almost everything that you drink is made up of differently arranged chains of these sugars- and each combination (from fruit to dairy) includes glucose. Since our bodies utilize glucose for energy, this is the end desire of our metabolism. This is extremely simplified, but will work for this explanation.

Good luck
Please, please, get a better nutritionist !
That diet is absolutely stupid for a pregnant woman!
ficial sweeteners are exactly that, artificially sweet. Have you see the size of them? Even if they do turn into glucose, there is such a tiny amount it makes absolutely no difference.
Feel free to drink as much diet soda - sweetened teas/coffee as you resembling.
You need dairy. Saying no dairy to a diabetic makes absolutely no sense at adjectives.
Fruit, fruit is good. Full of vitamins, minerals, and lots of goodness your body needs right in a minute.
a healthy diet, avoid anything with added sugar, and get a better nutritionist that have an idea of what she's on about.

Less than 75 carbs is a low-carb diet, that takes like mad of research and thought to make it a balanced, nutritionally complete diet.

SE get a second opinion !

I am on insulin 4 x day after day for my GD and am on a very strict diet too - I can eat 30-45g carbs at each most important mean and 15-30g carbs at 3 snacks. The total daily allowance of carbs is less influential than the spacing of your meals though as you are trying to maintain a nice, even blood sugar level. But your total each day carbs is less than my allowance for snacks ! It's just not enough.

Fruit is also fine - as long as you are eating the right amount for your carbs allowance at that expert meal.

Fruit juices/veg juices contain all of the sugar of the fruit in need the fibre to slow down digestion so cause a spike in blood sugar - that's why they are a "no no".
gree near the no sugary drinks ! However diet sodas are usually ok - artificial sweetener has either no or minimal affect on your blood sugar level. Some are unpromising for pregnancy for other reasons, but the whole point is they don't magically turn into glucose.

You have exceedingly little energy likely because your body is doing a heap of work growing a babe-in-arms and you're not getting enough carbs to fuel it !

Good luck, I hope you get this sorted ASAP - GD is really not such a big deal once you grasp your head around it and by properly planning meals and balancing fibre/protein near your carbs, you needn't be hungry all of the time. Source(s): 35 weeks pregnant, also have GD (but fortunately have a fantastic nutritionist!)

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