How to procure your a1c down speedily?

i am 2 months in and i have bad results partially the time what sort of result wil i get if i control my suger now till next check up?
Answers:     The 2 weeks prior to the test have most influence. The fastest way is to preserve your blood sugar as close to 90 as you can.
There is NO WAY to lower an A1C "rapidly". Since the A1C test averages over the LAST 90 DAYS, you need to keep your blood sugar below STRICT control for at least 90 days for the result to be accurate.
, though, that the A1C test is "weighted" towards the most recent 30 days. so hold your blood sugar under control for 30 days will show up as an improvement in the A1C tryout.
There really isn't a speedily easy way to bring down your A1C. You have to control your diet to start next to. Take your meds (if any) as prescribed and exercise regularly. What you can do is:
Increase exercise times (meaning exercise more)
Drop 15g carbs from each meal OR drop your snack if you are eating one.
What your fat/cholesterol intake as very well as salt.
And it is unlikely that if you have wait 2 months to start attempting to control your blood sugar, that you will have a very good A1C. It is concrete for people who are all the time working to control their sugars to get a great A1C. Best of luck to you. And don't impart up trying.

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