A diabetic have ketones due to stress, will the diabetic loose cargo?

Im not wanting to loose weight.

you will not lose immensity. Type 2's typically make enough insulin but your body is resistant to it. The extra insulin is often stored as oil. There are some Type 2's that just don't make enough insulin but they are typically hugely thin to begin with.

You really call for to get your blood sugar under control. I don't want to scare you but big blood sugar paired with high ketones puts you at very illustrious risk for developing ketosis acidosis and it can be deadly. My father had this with giant blood sugar and ketones that was uncontrolled and was nearly in a coma when they brought him to the hospital. He stayed in attendance for over a week. It's not something to mess around with. Please get yourself checked out.

Hope this helps.
If your sugar is lofty all the time then your medication must be changed. You should be working on your diabetes with an endocrinologist - not a nonspecific practitioner. An endocrinologist will have more ideas on how to get your sugar subsidise within normal limits. High blood sugar adjectives the time will cause permanent nerve problems and heaps other life altering secondary conditions. Once your sugar is within middle-of-the-road limits, you'll feel better and your appetite will come back.
Also, near is no acceptable level of ketones! If you have small ketones, things are style out of control and need immediate attention. You don't own to go to an emergency room, but you should see a doctor today or tomorrow at the very latest. If you enjoy large ketones then you must see a doctor TODAY.
Ketones are not due to stress, ketones are due to your sugar being waaaay wild and your cells don't have access to approrpiate energy.
Your cells have become resistant to the effects of insulin, which is the hormone produced by your pancreas that cause glucose in the blood to be transferred to the cells. Over the course of many years, if a human being eats a high carbohydrate diet, the body produces too much insulin and the cells bring tired of all of the sugar being forced into them. So they become resistant and won't "open the door". In turn as the blood glucose level stay high, the body produces more and more insulin, trying to get the cells to get underway up and accept the blood sugar. Eventually, the cells become completely resistant to the effects of insulin and at this point it becomes adjectives that a person is diabetic. However, the cells then start adjectives for food, so they start burning fat stores for energy. Ketones are a product of fat metabolism and are excreted within the urine. As the fat stores are used up, the diabetic person loses weight.

nes are a byproduct of weight loss, term. If you have ketones, you're already losing weight. If a healthy human being who is on a diet and is losing weight pees on a ketone strip, it will show positive for ketones.

Diabetic ketones are different, they're dangerous. You need to bring your blood sugars underneath control. If you can't do it on your own you need to see a doctor.

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