Bruising after Injection/Getting Blood Sample?

Do any of you guys have any idea if it is normal for a woman to return with easily bruised by a single needle injection?
ife took her annual medical last week and segment of the medical procedures is to give blood sample. The nurse inject a needle to take a blood sample and the next day she own a bruise in the area about 1 inch within diameter.

She also gets bruised easily during her periods. Bumps or appendage pinch can cause bruising.

Is this normal?
Answers:     Yes, it's middle-of-the-road. Its caused by internal bleeding under the skin due to the needle, but it soongoes away.
My wife bruises like that fundamentally easily. She just had blood taken for test and the flabotomist collapsed the vein in her left arm so she have to take the blood from her right arm. She has bruising on the left arm just about the size of a silver dollar. The bruis on her right arm is about the size of a quarter. Both of these bruises are much smaller than her lsat test.
I used to have this problem, its from fragile capillary. (My doctor diagnosed it).
an be caused by a shortage of fresh fruits and vegetables in her diet, especially vitamin C and bioflaviods. It can also be caused by a withdrawal of iron in the diet.

Does she have heavy period or nosebleeds? This can be common with these dietary shortages.

She should hold a good balanced multivitamin and mineral supplement, and try to eat more fresh fruit and veggies.

She should also see her doctor going on for it, as there can be other causes such as bleeding disorders. Since she is getting tests done, she probably should mention this to her doctor presently, and ask if it should be looked into.
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(NOTE: This website recommends Vitamin K. Do NOT supplement with it, it can be dangerous).

A witch hazel compress will facilitate relieve some of the bruising from the blood test and any other bruises she may get. Ask your pharmacist for it, its not expensive and its available over the counter.
it's common. To try to prevent it, never bend your arm after the blood testing...instead hold pressure with your other hand until the bleeding stops. a lot of times, it happen because the tech who draws the blood will go to far and pierce the back wall of the vein and draw support so they're back inside it. then you bleed from both sides of the vein
I have also have a large bruise appear at a draw spot. I was told that when the needle be removed the vein leaked a little and not to verbs. If it keeps getting bigger I might call her doctor. I also bruise pretty easy. Has your wife have her iron levels checked? If she is on certain medications it could be cause the bruises. She should ask her doctor when she goes back.

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