Take a low dose aspirin contained by directive to lower hematocrit level? Prevent type 2 diabetes?

I read that an increased hematocrit level (approx more than 52%) goes along with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. Will taking a day by day low dose of aspirin help reduce hematocrit levels, hence less strain on the pancreas (i.e. less risk of diabetes) ??

never heard that... and the only approach an aspirin would reduce your hematocrit is if it gave you an ulcer cause lots of blood loss, which is not good.... hematocrit can be affected by lots of thinks, folks at higher altittudes usually have higher hematocrits than ethnic group living closer to sea level. aspirin is used to prevent cardiac problems associated with diabetes

paucity of excercise and being overweight along with aging are the main risk factor for diabetes, avoid the first 2 (cant do much about the 3rd) and youll literally reduce your odds of getting diabetes by more or less 80-90%

rin is known to lower glucose level by maybe 1 to 2%. It is known to lower blood pressure.

If we were to believe adjectives the things stated by the various medical research centers and try them in order to prevent diabetes, we would go amiss to prevent diabetes anyway.

Take the aspirin ONLY onthe advice of your doctors and then with a small piece of salt. That low dose of aspirin recommended by my cardio has only turned me into a huge bleeding spot beneath the skin. I cannot even bump against the mattress without getting another one.
No ,but you should enter to field of lab examination & research
the hematocrit is a RESULT of type two diabetes, not a make happen, so no, taking aspirin will not prevent type two diabetes, and it won't lower a hematocrit either. All aspirin does is extend bleeding time by altering clotting factors.
aspirin A magic drug does not prove itself in the presence of genetic factors

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