Can I use my insulin injection twice?

I am Insulin dependant Type 1 patient and I want to know medically if I am able to use my Insuline twice a day? Like I own used the injection in the morning and I use the same injection for injecting insulin at night?
Answers:     Do not use the same needle twice! This can effect an infection.

ou mean use alike needle? it would be hard to use the same insulin after you own injected it.

re using needles- you're not supposed to its dirty and blunt needles discourage people from taking their shots
one problem I have notice is the needle can become clogged, but you will notice this with your question paper shot when no insulin comes out. Source(s): the web isnt a reliable source, I have type 1 diabetes and the best source for both of us is our endocrinologists
The "officeholder answer" -- you're not supposed to. Needles become dull, and latent bacteria own time to grow between uses.

The real answer -- If you've had diabetes for some time, we've all done it. I find that it is best to use a exotic syringe each time for comfort. But, that said, I've re-used them plenty of times and had nothing worse than slight irritation develop. And as for the lancet (for pricking your finger) I drastically rarely change it.
Use the same syringe twice? Is that what you propose?
My thought is this stuff is really expensive and if I am the solitary one using it and I use alcohol swabs before injecting or pricking my finger, then there is no basis why I cannot cap the needle or syringe and use it again.

The needles do become less sharp the more times we pierce our skin, so to be precise a consideration. On the injector pens sometimes they allow air to get into the drum of the pen, and this is another consideration.
e my bolus needle 3 times and my lancet point for a full vial of strips.

If you want the cons of using the needles and lancets more than once, just go to any of the diabetes websites dealing beside insulin and you will get the reasons for not using this stuff more than one time.

.., Do not ever use the same syringe twice!
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