77 blood sugar plane? reaction dizzy and breathless..?

Ok so far a while now I've been feeling VERY dizzy and gasping all the time..shaky,can' t concentrate and just feeling giddy...dr always said "oh its anxiety"..today I finally said hey I feel like this is NOT anxiety..the meds dont' relieve me I feel physically exhausted from all of this..so they did a quick blood sugar oral exam it was 77 2 hours after I ate a banana and cereal..tommorow Im going for a fasting test ...anyone hold any experience or thoughts on this..I really have NO clue what are normal levels or what smooth you should be around..thank you.
Answers:     From my understanding of diabetes, normal blood sugar levels inventory from 80 to 120. However, being a diabetic (I lean towards hyperglycemia--the opposite of what you have), if my blood sugar level is 100 or lower, I usually go and get cranky, shaky or tired. You should probably try to keep your blood sugar level at at least 90. You may want to modify your intake habits a bit. Like, please always eat breakfast! Also, enjoy a small snack between meals (like with 15-20 carbs), and you might consider having a small buffet before bedtime. Try not to go crazy on your carbohydrates at meals, because that usually make all us weird blood sugar types sleepy, and sends our sugars up too high. Hope that help! Source(s): Being diabetic since 2007 :/
Sounds close to you're Hypoglycemic (low blood sugar!) If your blood sugar was only 77 2 hours after eating cereal & a banana, it specifically sounds like Hypoglycemia is the culprit. It's a very good point you're having a fasting test done tomorrow! The sooner you draw from to the bottom of this, the better. You'll probably just have to eat more carbs within the morning &/or throughout the day! Good luck! Source(s): Diabetic for 30 years!
normal blood sugar level is 110.
our level is 77, after you have hypoglycemia (less sugar).
always keep some chocolates next to you, just in case you be aware of dizzy while walking on the road or something. also, consult a good doctor and get a diet plan.
Pretty sure it isn't a diabetic related issue. Generally, those don't hit until you are very low. 77 is low but it isn't extreme. If you haven't eat much today then it may not even be that extreme.
If you are in a hot environment then a roast related illness might fit or, if you haven't had much in the method of liqueids then dehydration.

fast test is exactly what you need to tell if within may be a problem such as diabetes or something similiar.
After the test, the doctor will review it with you and explain how it is read and what it indicates.
Try not to worry. Source(s): RN 16 years
100 is a fast normal. Keep close watch on your sugar level .

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