Last Spring, my total cholesterol be 218. Today's results voice total 190. How can that be?

I don't understand how the number could go down 28 points when I have not changed my drinking habits. I'm not a soda/junk food/ fast food eater to begin next to among other things, so where did that 218 number come from? I'm wondering which number was a mistake. Anyone? Thanks in finance!
Answers:    If your total cholesterol was 218,that means your level is border glorious,and 190 is normal. You can calculate it at this website.
ary cholesterol has NO EFFECT on blood serum cholesterol.

Please investigate this. Source(s): The primary literature
You meals right away prior to blood test have an influence on levels.
Maybe because of the eggs they hold allot of cholesterol.
80% of your cholesterol is manufactured by your body regardless of what you eat. Your diet alone is not the only factor effecting your cholesterol levels which typically fluctuate to begin with.

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