High Blood pressure? 146/72?

So I'm 20 years old and I checked my BP today and it was 146/72. Is this bad? what does this anticipate? I'm very young and its weird that its that glorious. Ive checked it before and it was around there too
Answers:    Don't take this wrong...
the * are you alive?

120/80 is the norm...

You probably have high cholesterol, too. chill out on the big macs.
Take a look.. What can be considered a normal blood pressure. The correct answer is: for every human anyone has its own rule. Indeed, the size of a normal blood pressure depends on the age of man, his individual characteristics, lifestyle, occupation. Source(s): http://obesityintheworld.blogspot.com/20…
Are you beneath a lot of stress and/or little sleep? My blood pressure was 140/90 at one time and the doctor attributed it to lack of sleep, caffeine and stress. Drink some hose down and get some sleep. I am also 20 years old.
Normal <120/<80

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