How long does aspirin stay surrounded by your system?

A doctor told me that before flying, especially on long trips, to take an aspirin for the leg clot issue people are chitchat about, but that just one aspirin would be enough. How can one aspirin be that powerful?
Answers:    The platelet inhibiting effects (blood thinning) of aspirin last for 7 days
One baby asprin has incredible effects and lasts a few days. Take an 80 or 160 if you want, we pass only 160-320 once for someone with a heart attack, so you can understand that dose is powerful and long long-term
e on the flight stand up and walk around HOURLY if not more, that also has comparatively profound effects on preventing dvt Source(s): Med Student
Nonprescription aspirin is also used to prevent heart attacks within people who have had a heart attack contained by the past or who have angina (chest pain that occur when the heart does not get enough oxygen). Nonprescription aspirin is also used to reduce the risk of extermination in people who are experiencing or who have just now experienced a heart attack. Nonprescription aspirin is also used to prevent ischemic strokes (strokes that occur when a blood clot blocks the flow of blood to the brain) or mini-strokes (strokes that occur when the flow of blood to the brain is blocked for a short time) in relations who have had this type of stroke or mini-stroke in times past.
Aspirin is in a group of medications called salicylates. It works by stopping the production of indubitable natural substances that cause fever, distress, swelling, and blood clots. Source(s):ā€¦

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