Is 122/90 High blood pressure?

Explain How?
Answers:    High blood pressure is defined as more than or equal to 140/90 mmHg. The present BP reading can be taken as stage 1 hypertension. (Diastolic BP is high).
ow-up recommended: Confirm your high BP within two months. One BP medication; change lifestyle.
Routine lab tests are recommended before establishment treatment of high blood pressure to determine organ or tissue damage or other risk factors. These lab test include urinalysis, blood cell count, blood chemistry (potassium, sodium, creatinine, fasting glucose, total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol), and an ECG (electrocardiogram). Additional tests may be recommended based on your condition. Source(s):………
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Yes, according to new guidelines of JNC-7 it is high and wishes treatment (life style modification /medication if needed) . Though SBP is normal but DBP is high in this armour .
NB - It should be mesured in several occasion and in resting stage in the past lebeled it hypertention
Classification Blood pressure (in Adult above 18 years)
r> Pre-hypertension
120 - 139 / or 80 - 89

0 - 159/ or 90 - 99

Stage2 Hypertension
more than/equl160/ or more than/equal to 100

DBP - diastolic blood pressure

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