Resting heart rate is 124?!?

When I went to the doctors a few days ago, they took my pulse and it was 124 beats/minute.. I am a 19 year old feminine, is this normal? It seems to be higher than it should be, what could this stingy? I know that people who don't exercise can have a higher pulse rate, but i exercise a couple times a week and I am not overweight...
Answers:    well,essentia is partially right,
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well informed.
124 heartbeat is way too high
whether it is " white coat syndrome "
be that .doctor got all
upset when mine went to 79 bpm
i would see a doctor and ask give or take a few
no that is not a normal resting heartrate, however, many population have what is called "white coat syndrome" and their body functions all get moving simply because they are seeing a doctor. Unless you notice other symptoms, severe shortness of breath at rest, chest pain at rest, then I wouldn't verbs about it too much. OH, and if you smoke, that will also elevate your heart rate. Source(s): RN
The nurse and Edward are both to a degree right. Resting heart rate should be between 60-80 bpm so 79 beats is not too many. Some people do fine next to a resting heart rate of 100 bpm but 124 beats are TOO many and your Dr should find out the reason for the increased beat. There is something called "white coat syndrome" but it usually raises your BP not your heart rate and even if it did raise your heart rate it would not tilt it that high. Your Dr needs to check into that. Source(s): *work in medical corral 20+years
Your heart rate is high in rest for your age according to this site. Source(s):

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