How soon after a heart cath procedure can a couple own sex again?

Had a heart catheter to put a stent in my wife's heart last week. We normally enjoy a healthy sex life, but now are afraid to of late yet because we don't want to damage anything. Any imput?
Answers:     It depends on whether you're in a private room, or a public ward...
he's noisy, later even if you're in a private annexe you'd perhaps put a bag over her come first? just to be sure.
Do you want her to DIE? Trusting this question to an on-line audience is INSANE when you can ask her doctor and surgeon. I can assume that there are only two reason why you didn't ask.
1.) because you are embarrassed to admit that you have a sex existence in front of medical professionals (Insane...)
2.) It wasn't important at the time...(correct choice)

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