Is 131/85 and 139/90 conventional "standing" blood pressures?

ook my blood pressure while standing two times.

The first time I took it it was 139/90 and my pulse was 87. I took it about 20 second while still standing in the upright position after I walked my Dad to the couch and sit him down. He needs assistance walking and adds a little cargo under my arm as we walk arm and arm.

Are these normal standing blood pressures?

Thank you!
Answers:     Yes it's fine...the top number is a tiny bit complex than normal, but you are fine.
They are ok after any exertion. Normal blood pressure monitoring is taken while seated and at rest so yours would probably fall into the normal range.
BP's sound comparatively normal. Always check it after resting ie.. sitting down for 10 min. minimum & 3/4 - 1hr after eating. 10 min after drinking. Exertion will raise BP. To hold on to ur heart & body healthy eat low sodium ie.. 2400mg or less/ day & increase potassium ie.. 2400mg + / hours of daylight. Ceck these sites out NUTRITIONDATA.COM & ASKAPATIENT.COM

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