How to lower my pulse rate immediately?

I have recently begun donating plasma, but I own run into a bit of a snag, my pulse rate is pretty high, and I can not donate if it is over there any way that I can lower my pulse rate up to that time I donate today? Any herbal concoctions, or breathing techniques?
Answers:    Take deep breaths.
Using the Carotid Artery massage is the safest mode to get it done but since your heart rate is not so high you should not do it because it could slow down your heart rate so much that it could lead to syncope, massage the Carotid Artery with the thumb in circle motions in one side of your d¨Ścolletage at a time for about 10-12 seconds, but careful !, remember your heart rate is not dignified enough to use this Technique.
thing techniques will be more useful for you.

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