Can smoking weed craft your heart be in motion faster?

can smoking weed make your heart go faster
Answers:     Smoking marijuana increases heard rate and blood pressure as powerfully.
Some race may feel chilled out, relaxed and happy, while others have one puff and perceive sick.
Others get the giggles and may become talkative.
Hunger pang are common and are known as 'getting the munchies'.
nger 'joints' (e.g. typically when skunk or sinsemilla is used) may have more powerful effects. Some users may moderate this effect by actually inhaling and using less strong cannabis; but others may find it become tempting to ‘binge smoke’ them.

The regular use of cannabis is known to be associated with an increase surrounded by the risk of later developing psychotic illnesses including schizophrenia. If the recent increase in availability of stronger forms of cannabis does lead to an increase surrounded by total use by some people, this might also lead to an increase in their adjectives risk of developing mental health problems. Nobody knows the answer to this question nonetheless...' Source(s):
Yes, and it can increase your blood Pressure too.

yes. when i used to smoke sometimes i would feel approaching my heart was going to pop out of my chest. it was the worst high. i would simply sit and try to relax with my eyes close until it went away. you can have adjectives different bad effects from weed, that is why i don't smoke anymore
yes and increases your blood pressure
heck no you are stupid if you want to smoke anything-especially weed- only do it if you want to kill yourself
is lillian
(\__/) (\__/)
Why do you want your heart to travel faster? It's probably beating at an ok rate as it is.
yes .
your not exactly "energized," but your blood pressure and heart rate goes up .
Yes, while you are high. Once the effects wear off your heart will go fund to normal. It's fun isn't it?
The paranoia can make it feel 10 times worse.
no it slows it down and make you calm just about the differing of what you asked.
yes. just like regular cigarretes (nicotine) do.
by smoking weed? that is how you die
yes......thats the fact. but dont worry carry on next to your weed..nothing will happen.
Yea but uyr heart hate goes up and down alot but most of the te its going pretty hasty as long as yoir high
Yeah its because your panicky you might be caught by the police and sent to prison
I wouldn't know about it speeding up anything apart from illness, psychosis and destruction.
yes it can actully
with the sole purpose if its weak shiatt
yes, and your blood pressure is too high which is again, not good at all...
Yes it can also it depends on your attitude (if you not a constant pot smoker(Low tolerance)) It can effect multiple aspect of your body. Heart rate is included also it can effect your breathing. I have also seen someone go into frenzy attacks after smoking to much. But as long as you keep your levels low you wont have anything to verbs about.

Have fun and be safe.
yes, it does.
Yes it can increase heart rate. Things like alcohol, caffiene and drugs can increase the sensitivity of the sinoatrial node. Source(s): Cardiac Nurse

you die mate...
take a wild guess
yeah smoke pot speed up you heart rate
im not sure but i do know that it hurts you instead of helping you
everyonees different it can speed it up or slow it down. usually it would slow it down. i smoked for a long time and finally quit. u smoke to much you feel approaching your lungs are working harder than usual. which would slow down your heart.

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