Why is my blood pressure low? 93/60?

I have just been taking a sleep & woke up feeling very dizzy. This morning I was dizzy too & it be 100/66. any ideas what is going on? I am 5 1/1 months pregnant.
Answers:     it's normal, 'cause you're pregnant, also you should munch through more sugar/ sweet things 2 help that dizziness hope it helped
Hypotension refers to the abnormal condition of low blood pressure. It is a common phenomenon during pregnancy and nonetheless hardly any attention is paid to it. It is a dangerous condition, which requires medical supervision and timely treatment. Low blood pressure during pregnancy, faint and falling due to low blood pressure can be of serious concern. The greatest cause of low blood pressure tends to be dehydration. When the body dehydrates it drastically affects to flow of blood in the body. Additionally, individual very hot can contribute to low blood pressure. Standing for a long period of time can also be a risk factor.
e you are pregnant, there are other factor that can cause your low blood pressure. Pregnancy causes blood to pool in your legs, making smaller amount blood available to the brain. Thus, when you rise from a laying or sitting position you may feel dizzy or faint. This can also mete out you some vision problems.

Low blood pressure may or may not require treatment. The treatment of low blood pressure is directed toward the underlying cause; if low blood pressure is caused by dehydration, a physician beside intravenous fluids may treat it. If it is caused by pooling blood, your physician may recommend graduated compression stockings. A little extra salt may also give support to, but in this case you need to discuss the other risks next to your physician.
There are some things you can do to prevent low blood pressure:
y on your side, rather than on your back. This may also oblige with back and sciatic nerve torment.
- If you feel faint, sit down. Put your head lower than your body until you no longer discern faint.
- When getting up from the sitting position, take it slowly.
- Regular exercise helps hang on to blood pressure normal. Keep up with your physician-approved exercise regimen.
vert the dangerous possibilities associated next to low blood pressure levels during pregnancy, it is important to continually measure and monitor blood pressure during prenatal visit. If required, appropriate medication should be started without undue delay. Discuss your low blood pressure with your physician.

Take safekeeping as always!
Normal blood pressure should be an average of 120/80. Some persons, like myself functions particularly well with a blood pressure of 100/80. Lower will cause dizziness governing up to fainting. There are a number of reasons that cause low blood pressure.
Pregnancy in its early stage in profusely of female causes the pressure to go down.
Sometimes people do under eat either by ingestion too far apart or eating too little at each meal. This can result surrounded by low blood pressure.

2). Sometimes due to so many conflicting rumors about what is good to munch through and what is not good to eat, persons choose not to chomp through foods that are very essential for good health and the proper regulating of their blood pressure. It is greatly important to understand how our bodies work and that everything that is automatic and acceptable as foods, is good to eat. Also it is critical to note that eliminating essential nutrients from the diet will result in anemia or other robustness problems that leads to hypotension.

The digestive system (in mainly the stomach) is made with the ability to signal when you have eat enough. Eating enough is not a problem; the problem is eating too much. Many party when they are full, still wants to eat more because they are enjoying the banquet or because they do not want to waste the food. It is very important that we overrun our stomach each time we eat and stop eating as soon as the stomach signals full.

Our bodies function powerfully at a pH rate ranging from 7.35 - 7.45. It is very important to keep up this pH rating. In an effort to maintaining this pH and eating everything explicitly natural, we in turn without realize it eats everything that is necessary for the proper functioning of our body and the preservation of proper weight. The ratio of foods necessary to maintain this pH rating is 60% vegetables of which 50% is eat raw, 20% fresh raw fruits, 10% carbohydrate (starch, mainly cultivated or grown foods) and 10% protein (inclusive of meat, fish and other sea foods, nuts and seeds) It is also important that all fat are not striped away from our proteins.
our diet is missing foods such as beef, whole eggs and green leafy vegetables it is likely that you will have a low blood pressure problem.

Please information that salt and alcohol do not improve your blood pressure reading. The following link will offer you some detailed information on what you can do to improve your blood pressure: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;…
Your blood pressure is very flawless. Dizziness should be soon by the doctor if it continues since your pregnant.

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