PLEASE, HELP,Do you know anything in the region of metropolol? my doctor give me that for express heart hit,?

have you tried thart? what are the side effects? I have low blood pressure..............anxiety...........…Answers:   
Its a beta blocker...I am surprised you were given this if you own low blood your doctor aware of this...I would think he is...
prolol will moderate your fast heartbeat and it will also lower your BP///you may feel tired and any such things forthwith to your doctor as the drug may work too well for you and your BP may drop to very low you hold a home BP machine so you can monitor your BP? Source(s): been on metoprolol for 3+ years
Me too! Doctor gave me Metropolol yesterday, I am afraid to pilfer them!!..My heart is hurt and I am so scared to take them because I read it, it's too many side affect..I don't know what can I do........You can walk to search it What's Metropolol side affect? They will tell you everything!

If you need any give somebody the third degree, E-mail me at myheartbelong2sm(a)

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