-_- bug bites...? or.. BUG BITES >=[?

okay. i ust noticed today. that i have a lot of "pimple" resembling redish bumps -_- it doesnt itch.. its just.. there. -_- i have a pretty accurate idea that i have bugs on my bed. its new.. i construe. like i got it a few weeks after summer started.
ept on the oppisite side of my bed last hours of darkness. cuz i was having trouble falling asleep =\ plus..it felt better. and so. -_- when i took a shower. i found the dots adjectives over me >.>

1 on my sides.
2 in the top of my breat
some more that i dont remember.. so yeah.. WHAT IS IT?
IS MY BLOOD THAT GOOD? i think it was bed bugs. but i didnt see any one my bed when i raise up my covers. so yeah.. what do u think the bugs are? are they bugs.? ants.? it could also be ants. cuz there are ants in the house -_-""
Answers:    Sounds similar to bug bites... I'd guess it's ants. Spider bites would itch and and stuff. Of course, it could also be ingrown hairs, but I doubt that you shaved all of those places! And there's too many of them for it to be a short time ago spontaneous ingrown hairs.

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