Whats wrong next to me? swine flu?

i had a sore throat, but thats gone away now, ive had a runny feeler the whole time, and feel like i hold hayfever, now i feel like i cant breathe short having to think about it, please oblige, im worried!
if you have the flu you would know it .. Bit of hay fever perhaps and a cold perhaps ,,, adjectives make breathing a bit more difficult . Worrying tightens up your nerves and makes you feel worse . You will be fine surrounded by a day or two and you will wonder why you were so worried
no, that;s probably freshly a cold. I have swine flu, and I have been puking, sneezing, coughing, ive be really fatigued lately, ive lost my appetite, i have a runny nose, sore throat, diereah, fever, and a stomachache.
doesnt sound like swine flu to me ive had swine flu and i didnt suffer oodles of those symptoms untill it was clearing up! sounds like a bad satchel of the common cold/flu! if you are worried see your GP they can help you but it really doesnt sound approaching swine flu. if you begin to feel sick dizzy and have a tempreture call for you local doctors surgery to discuss your symptoms and get advice!

Here is a website about swine flu if you are concerned it may be that:
No You Don't Have Swine Flu...

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