Gang Green Infection?

what does the gang green infection do exactly, and can anyone describe what it looks like?
Answers:    Gangrene is a complication of necrosis or cell death characterized by the decay of body tissues, which become black (and/or green) and malodorous. It is cause by infection or ischemia, such as from thrombosis. It is usually the result of critically insufficient blood supply (e.g., peripheral vascular disease) and is often associated with diabetes and long-term smoking. This condition is most adjectives in the lower extremities. The best treatment for gangrene is revascularization of the affected organ, which can reverse some of the effects of necrosis and allow healing. Other treatments include debridement and surgical amputation. The method of treatment is commonly determined depending on location of affected tissue and extent of tissue loss. Gangrene may appear as one effect of foot binding.
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